New Years Eve

Made this for the Instant Gratification Film Challenge for 12/16/18. The theme was Holiday Madness.

This is something Eric Lappe pitched to me when I was begged him for funny ideas for shorts one night.

Thought it was only fair to put his suave baritone in there.

Then I hollered at Miles Grimmer to do a voice because...I don't really know. I think he's funny.

First Page

I made this after three days of not knowing what to draw. I feel like I need to doodle at least one comic a week. If I don't I feel terrible. I draw these comics to teach me how to draw comics.

If somebody finds them funny, great! But I think at this point I should be better at it.

It is nice putting a filled up sketchbook on the shelf for posterity. Looking through the older ones on the same shelf does make me notice that I am getting better. Gotta learn to do those backgrounds, baby!

Mike And Don

I drew this on a half used piece of paper because I didn't want to waste it. I stared at those three blank panels for awhile and came up with this comic.

Donald Trump is not only a horrible person, he has horrible eating habits. Did you know he refuses to revisit a bag of Oreos after it has been opened? Did you know he scrapes the toppings off of pizza and just eats that? And he orders a shit ton of Mcdonalds?

This comic looks bad. Nobody could tell that was supposed to Mike Pence and the fills on their clothes look pretty bad. I'm still learning though. I'll learn to draw some day.

The Amazing True Story About That Time An Old Man Got Mad At Me

This is based off one of my first days at work. The dude even made me google search to see if there was a restaurant in Bloomington called Cheesies.

Actually, when I first moved to Bloomington, the city was really excited about getting a Cheddars. My coworker was very stoked about all the TV's that were going to be in it. I believe it ended up being burglarized some time before it opened and some of those TV's were stolen. Maybe it was that coworker?

I drew part of this at work with the plans to finish it at home. On my way home I had to stop by my mechanic on my bicycle. I took a short cut through a gravel parking lot with no lighting. I ended up running over a large piece of wood and launching myself over my bike.

I scraped up my hands real bad and didn't feel like drawing it when I got home. I just ate cake and watched Star Trek instead. Boo hoo.

Ninja Proof

Many times when I can't think of anything to doodle up, I just draw four blank panels and stare at them until I come up with something. This was one of those times.

The Fog

I drew this after sitting in the dark for two hours. I was feeling very depressed and then decided to draw a comic about it. It made me feel better.

Dead Kid

I was on a plane listening to my Ipod on shuffle. The song Olio by the Rapture (the 7 inch version, not the crappy album version) came on and it immediately made me think of the story I wrote when I was in 6th grade.

Bruce Coville was my favorite author as a kid. He had a series of anthology books called "Bruce Coville's Book of ________". There was a book of Monsters and book on Aliens. In the back of Book of Monsters you could submit a story for the up and coming Book of Nightmares. I had this idea of a kid who kept waking up after being murdered by some sort of monster and the last time it would be ambiguous to whether it was real or not. Probably something that has been done before but I've yet to see. I scribbled it up with a letter and mailed it off.

Obviously it didn't get into the book. I never actually found out which young writer did make the cut. I don't even think I got around to reading the book.